Building A Man Cave? Here Are 5 Ways To Make It Better

Building A Man Cave? Here Are 5 Ways To Make It Better

For some guys, having a room where you can relax and enjoy your favorite hobbies is one of the key benefits of home ownership. Fortunately, these days the practice is enjoying an upswing in popularity, as “man caves” are becoming a major part of any new home. It’s easy to see why the idea is appealing; you can play video games, watch sports, and engage in all of your favorite activities without disturbing anyone else. It’s like your own private resort. 
So, with that in mind, how can you make your man cave the best? What components will turn it from a regular rumpus room into something that you can be proud to show off to your friends? Well, when it comes to home theater installation in Atlanta GA, here are 5 ways to turn your empty room into an incredible man cave: 
#1 Keep it Simple
Depending on the amount of space you have, you will have to make some hard choices as far as what you can include in your man cave. While it would be nice to have a big screen TV, surround sound, a pool table, and a bar, the reality is that you will only have room for a couple of items, not to mention a budget to match. As such, you want to figure out what is most important for you and make it the centerpiece of your space. 
For example, if sports are your big thing, then make your cave reflect that. A large TV and a massive couch will make it much easier to enjoy games with your friends. To enhance the experience, add a couple of mini fridges and TV trays so that you can snack while watching without ever having to get up. Overall, the point is to tailor all of your items to fit the purpose of your man cave, so don’t try to do too much in one space. 
#2 Use Decor to Your Advantage
If you can’t afford or make room for all of the furniture and accessories that you’d like, focus instead on making the space look as awesome as possible. Again, this is where you can use your theme to dictate what kind of decor should be a part of it. If you want a place to relax and enjoy a few beers, have a mini bar in the corner and add some vintage beer posters on the wall. If games are more of your thing, then a great decorative idea is to frame old board games and put pieces along the wall. Even if you are just into poker, there are plenty of ways to incorporate that into your room.
#3 Invest in Convenience
Because your man cave is a place to unwind and have fun, you don’t want to have to put a lot of effort into anything while you’re there. We already covered how having mini fridges next to your couch can make watching the game more enjoyable, but don’t be afraid to take the initiative with everything. If you want a place to drink, mount a bottle opener to the wall and keep a container to hold the caps. It’s your space, so make it as convenient as possible. Other ideas could include installing holders for your cards and chips if you play poker or buying a couch that has cup holders in it so that you don’t need to hold your drink while you watch TV. In the end, it’s far better to pay extra for stuff if it makes your man cave experience that much more enjoyable. 
#4 Know Your Limits
If you have big plans for your man cave, you might want to do outlandish things like install a draft tap or build a refrigerator into the wall. While that may all seem nice, you want to make sure that you’re doing everything safely and to code so that you don’t risk damaging anything or hurting yourself. If you can’t afford a contractor, then figure out what items you can install yourself or ask friends with building experience if they can help out. Overall, don’t bite off more than you can chew. 
#5 Plan for Company
While it’s always nice to spend time in your man cave after a long day, the fact is that you’ll most likely be hosting guests from time to time. As such, you need to make sure that you have sufficient seating and space to accommodate them. What you don’t want is to have to move things around each time the guys come over, so design your cave with hosting in mind. Again, convenience should be the name of the game, so feel free to utilize folding chairs and tables to open the room up when you’re by yourself while still having something ready to go when company arrives. If you want to make it even easier, try mounting some hooks to the wall that you can hang chairs from so that they’re out of the way but still accessible. 

Other Considerations
While these 5 steps will help you flush out your man cave from inception to reality, there are some other things that you want to keep in mind as well. These are more related to upkeep and maintenance, so be sure to pay attention once your cave is operational. 

  • Keep it Clean: Nobody wants to hang out in a space with trash all over the place or a stained couch. Take the time to maintain a level of cleanliness that allows for surprise visits from friends, as you’ll be getting a lot of those. 
  • Create Empty Space: Don’t fill your man cave with a bunch of stuff that makes it hard to move around. Also, be aware of space requirements for certain activities (like darts or pool).
  • Color Coordinate: You don’t have to be an interior designer, but avoid clashing colors or decor that seems out of place. If your man cave becomes too tacky, then it will be off-putting. Muted colors like brown, green, or black are always a win.​

In the end, take the time to make your man cave as inviting as possible. The more effort you put into creating it, the more valuable it will be for you and your friends in the long run. 

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