10 Smart Tips For Smart Living Room Décor

10 Smart Tips For Smart Living Room Décor

Your living room should be a place where you can enjoy life either by yourself or with your family. If you are opting to decorate, or redecorate a living room, you may be somewhere between excited and stressed depending on how much you actually like decorating. Whether you are new to home décor, or a seasoned professional, here are a few quick tips for smart living room decorating: 

  1. Conceptualize: Before you start planning, and spending money, you want to take some time and sort out a theme. This is especially important if you are starting with a blank space or planning a complete overhaul. Looking at all the latest décor styles can be a great way to find your own unique style. Or, maybe you’d like to do something unconventional with your living room space. For instance, home theater installation, is becoming quite popular as people are turning their living rooms into home movie theaters. At the very least, you should have a color scheme so that your pieces don’t clash. When in doubt, start by looking at what would work with your floor and your walls. In general, a black and white theme is a great place to start as these colors are pretty compatible with most other colors.
  2. Visualize: It doesn’t take much effort to throw a few images together and give yourself an idea of what your future furniture will look like. This can take the form of scrapbooking, Pinterest, or even photoshopping your ideal setup. Being able to visualize a new setup will help ensure that you are satisfied with the final outcome, but can be especially important if you are looking to combine styles or add a new piece to an existing setup. If you are working with a color scheme, consider how this will be go with your flooring, walls, and lighting. Taking a minute to really picture a new idea will help you avoid disappointment. 
  3. Measure: Unless you can estimate space to within a few millimeters, you want to measure the spaces for your new furniture and accessories. There is nothing more frustrating than having things fit poorly after you’ve put time and effort into creating a beautiful plan. This also goes for adding new furniture to already established decorations.  
  4. MountMounting can free up floor space and give your living room an effortlessly modern feel. You can mount shelves, lights and even your television- but you definitely want any mounting you do to be secure and safe- especially if you live in an area where the weather or earthquakes can cause a problem. Each city will have skilled professionals in your area. Depending on what you want in your living room, you may also choose to mount some of your decorations such as paintings or sculptures.    
  1. Work Your Spacing:  Furniture, and the arrangement of said furniture can either shrink, or expand a space. After you’ve decided whether you want something cozy or spacious, don’t be afraid to experiment with your setting. There are plenty of websites and television shows that talk about decorating- so add a bit of fun browsing or viewing time into your decorating plan. 
  2. Set a Focus: A great focus can help you decide where the rest of your pieces will be placed. The focus will vary depending on your personal preferences and the nature of your living space. For instance, you can choose a fireplace or a television set to be the center of attention. Your choice of focus will help guide your theme as well as the types of pieces that you will require. 
  3. Get Creative: Make your living room a multipurpose space by overlaying themes. Now, this can be tricky and can take a bit of planning, but it will definitely be worth the work. For instance, you can have a television as your focus, but mount several bookshelves and a reading nook to have your living room double as a library. Or, allow your living room to double as a space for your favorite exercise or dance practice by opting for light furniture that is easy to move when you need an open space. 
  4. Bring Nature Indoors: Adding plants to your living room will improve air quality and give the room a more complete feel. You can add green to your walls to help mask wires, or opt for flowering plants for an extra pop of color. You also have the option of growing herbs like mint or rosemary in your living room. Not only can these be used for cooking, but they will also make your living room smell great! 
  5. Play with Lighting: The lighting can make or break the mood of a room. Pay attention to how the lighting in your living room makes your feel at certain times of the day to help you chose the kind of window coverings that will make you feel most relaxed. When thinking about lighting, remember to consider both natural and artificial lighting. During the day, you can decide between curtains and drapes depending on your overall décor. Meanwhile, you should also consider mounting several lights at optimal positions for night time use. 
  6. Sustain: Make sure that your choice of setup is compatible with your lifestyle. For instance, if you want white couches but have small children, you’ll have to take additional steps to ensure that those couches stay white. In some cases, a few small adjustments can help ensure that your living room remains just the way that you envisioned it, while in other cases, you may need to make a few changes to your plan.  

Once you have a plan, you can start the decorating, or redecorating, process with confidence. Remember that breaking up the process into manageable steps can help ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed. After all, life does not stop simply because you need to redecorate.

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